New Year Hanbok

It’s been a while since I’ve done any doll stuff to post! My play time has been all BDO and D&D since my last post. Then at the end of December I hurt my neck and shoulder badly, and couldn’t grind at all. I blame the Archer. -_- His crossbow was better than his longbow, so I tried to stay in pre-Awakening most of the time. That meant lots of Shift-W and Shift-Space. Although I do use a game pad (wouldn’t be able to game without it, as my keyboard is in Dvorak layout), all that Shift was constant use of the left little finger, one of my problem fingers. Lying down made annoying waves of pain in the left triceps area, so I had to sleep on the sofa curled up on a slanted sofa pillow.

My setup: Belkin n52te gamepad and Kinesis Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard

I’m feeling better and was able to grind on Valk for an hour yesterday; the first time I tried since December. But I’ll not grind on Archer, ever again!

In January one of the BDO fashions inspired me to sew again. ^ㅂ^

Imbrien girls celebrate Seollal

Kira has been spending a lot of time in Heidel lately, but went back to her home in Calpheon to celebrate the Lunar New Year with her little sister Tessa. They don’t have any other family in the Republic of Calpheon, so it was a small celebration with just the two of them.

Traditionally only male relatives call on the spirits of the ancestors. But an exception is made for those like Tessa, who can feel the presence of spirits and hear them speak. Continue reading “New Year Hanbok”

Who’s Who in the Imbrien family on BDO

Since I’ve recently met some new people who roleplay (RP), I was inspired to post my Black Desert Online (BDO) family in one location. ^^

My main characters were originally created in Rappelz in 2007. Since they’re already family it worked perfectly with BDO’s convention of characters on an account sharing one family name. And my family’s name, Imbrien, was available. It was fate! \o/

Though all of my BDO characters are from the backstory, not all are related. The Imbrien family originate from a Deva city west of the known world in Rappelz Epic 3. In BDO, they’re originally from the Kingdom of Haso.

The three sisters whose names are in colour are the ones I’m most likely to RP. Age means age at the beginning of the story. Relationships that developed during the story are left unmentioned here to avoid spoilers for the upcoming photostory.

So here’s Who’s Who of my BDO chars: Continue reading “Who’s Who in the Imbrien family on BDO”