Someone Important

One of my first photostories, first published October 2013 on Figurvore as part of the “Fantasy Finish” Challenge started by Corsetkitten. This scene was meant to show the parts of the outfit and provide some backstory, but it could occur several years later than the beginning of the main story.

“Will you wear your new gown today, my lady?”
“Yes please, Varya, I should like that.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Ah good, at last! Now, I know you’ve been saving it for an occasion. Pray tell, what is the occasion?”
“I’m to meet someone important today.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Ahh, and who might it be?”
“I know not who it is. Only that it’s someone who’s travelled far already and would travel farther still to meet me. A perplexing notion, to be sure.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Did you see this in one of your Visions, m’lady?”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“No indeed, Lenuta.” Tessa smiles. “If so, I should know for whom to look. I learnt it from a letter.”
“Well, if it’s someone who thinks he’s important just because he has a Dragon, he must needs distinguish himself further.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Nowadays everyone who can afford or tame a Dragon has one.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Put your heart at ease, Varya. I’ll not favor nor discount someone on account of his possessions.”

“M’lady, what became of your Dragon? Was he not to your liking?”
“I simply don’t work well with Dragons; some healers like them, but I prefer my Pixies. I traded him to someone who wanted a Dragon more than I.”
“And freed the Angel for whom you traded him.”
“Yes, after ensuring she was not Corrupted. It’s disconcerting, people taking Angels as pets. A ‘necessary evil’, as it were.”
“Necessary nevertheless.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Varya, please fix the chemise; this is much too low.”
“But my lady, ’tis the fashion.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“The convent girls left me without clothes in a cold washroom during a social.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“This immodest ‘fashion’ brings back the shame of that night. I’ll not greet guests in this manner.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Of course, my lady. You’ve naught to show anyhow, but I shall relace your bodice more modestly.”

“Oh, Lenuta, these slippers are too large. Please might I wear the tan ones?”
“Aye, m’lady.”

“Please hold your hair, so I may fasten your necklace.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“These magic-resist earrings should suit. Now, which headdress to complete the look?”
“The white hood, if you please.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Thank you, Lenuta, these slippers will be much more comfortable.”
“Of course, m’lady. What pet will you bring to meet your visitor?”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“I’ll go alone, but have Winterborn in formation.”
“A Water Pixie?”
“–isn’t any protection at all! My lady, pray forgive my forthright speech, but one as delicate as yourself would do best to hire a guarding Angel.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Thank you, but you aught not worry. I anticipate no danger, and Winterborn knows me best.”
“As you say, my lady.”

“You do look radiant!”
“Aye, you’re certain to impress any visitor, no matter how important he is!”
“Thank you both. Astral’s Blessing upon you.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“We’ll be down with refreshments (and to find out who it is).”
“(I do hope he brings his Dragon…)”