Doll friends, new dolls, and new jewelry

Recently I met two online doll friends in real life!

Syd Blackburn wrote some of my favourite photostories: The Salonice Chronicles and Still Waters. Syd writes adventure and romance and designs book covers for other writers.

My Kira and Syd’s Syd doll did a Valentine swap a couple of years ago. Our dolls weren’t able to meet this time, but Kira, who is currently unattached, hopes to meet 1:6 Syd next time. :}

Valentines from Syd to Kira

Erica/Corsetkitten is a talented doll artist whose character profiles influenced me to consider 1:6 scale when I was first looking at 1:3 or 1:4 scale BJDs to shell two MMORPG characters. Continue reading “Doll friends, new dolls, and new jewelry”

Sock Sweater for Integrity Homme

Before the weather gets too warm to post this…here is my first sock sweater, made (several weeks ago) from DollsAhoy’s pattern. It’s resized to 120% to fit the Integrity Toys Homme. Thanks for the idea, ModernWizard!

The collar is a bit wonky and sleeves could be taken in, but overall it’s a usable piece of menswear, often in demand.  The cable pattern was a favourite, but socks are seldom noticed, so when one got a hole I was happy to give this pair new life as a sweater. ‘ㅂ’ Another holey pair awaits conversion into a men’s sweater (apparently I like masculine socks), but all sewing (and rooting) is on hold pending recovery from a shoulder injury.

first sock sweater

Modeling the sweater is Bartuc, one of the most formidable adventurers on the Continent. Last week he got a little more haircut. It’s closer to his style, but needs more gel and more cut (not too much!) when the hairdresser gets brave again. ^^;;

When feeling up to it I plan to start on some paper crafts; hope to post some in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading! ^.^


Pure Suit, White Robe

From the Department of Redundancy Department: these are a couple of Rappelz costumes that I made before starting this website.

Kira models a Pure Suit, for Rank 2 (“R2”) Hunter. Deva Warriors can wear Hunter clothes because there is no Hunter class for the Deva race. The turquoise edges are bias tape, useful for tiny sewing.



Tessa wears a White Robe, made for a Rank 2 Cleric. The indigo fabric here is bias tape, and the fasteners are mini brads from the scrapbooking aisle.


Though R2 is low level, these are some of my favourite outfits in the game. If I like an outfit in an MMO, my character will keep a copy after having “outgrown” it in level, to wear around town.  (^^;)

Cotton Robe in progress

Here is a Cotton Robe, Rappelz costume for Rank 2 Gaia magician, in progress.

R2 Cotton Robe in progress


It won’t be finished right away, but I’m glad to have started it. I’ve been stuck for a while; my to-make list is so long I go in circles and rarely start anything. This past weekend I had some time for crafting, and it took a while to decide on a thing to make, but I did, so yay!

I don’t have all of the right materials, and didn’t want to make a trip to the fabric store. But that’s alright.

Yesterday I also ordered some bobbins. My local fabric store doesn’t carry the ones my sewing machine (Husqvarna Lena) takes. I have four currently, and keep needing to swap out colours, so having extra will help.

Note to self and to anyone else who needs the reminder: If you have some of the right materials, you’re good to start making the thing. It’s good to work on something, even if it can’t be completed that day or weekend.

Hello, World!

Welcome to my website!

In this first post, allow me introduce to you my main character dolls, the Imbrien sisters. Kira is a holy warrior who delights in dancing, singing, and baking. Sela is a dark magician who likes learning how things work and finding exceptions to rules. Tessa is studying to become a cleric, and enjoys reading, drawing, sewing, and helping others.

Imbrien family portrait (R1)

Do stop by again for more about these and my other dolls! ^-^