Who’s Who in the Imbrien family on BDO

Since I’ve recently met some new people who roleplay (RP), I was inspired to post my Black Desert Online (BDO) family in one location. ^^

My main characters were originally created in Rappelz in 2007. Since they’re already family it worked perfectly with BDO’s convention of characters on an account sharing one family name. And my family’s name, Imbrien, was available. It was fate! \o/

Though all of my BDO characters are from the backstory, not all are related. The Imbrien family originate from a Deva city west of the known world in Rappelz Epic 3. In BDO, they’re originally from the Kingdom of Haso.

The three sisters whose names are in colour are the ones I’m most likely to RP. Age means age at the beginning of the story. Relationships that developed during the story are left unmentioned here to avoid spoilers for the upcoming photostory.

So here’s Who’s Who of my BDO chars:

Tankietka (Valkyrie; Cook, Processor, Gatherer)

Real name: Kira Imbrien
Age: 22
Voice: spinto soprano
Zodiac: Wagon – Takes action, born to wealth, precious, selfish.
Rappelz status: Tankietka, Knight on Reviac server (formerly Tortus then Undine)

Kira becomes a minor celebrity wherever she goes. Her passions include singing, dancing, and baking. She has a reputation as a flirt, but just genuinely loves people and can be a bit ditzy, so some ascribe to her attention a meaning not intended. Kira tends to attract drama by befriending people (especially leaders and instigators) in rival factions, inviting them to the same events and expecting them to get along. She’s been called a gossip but denies it; she merely keeps friends informed of things they need to know.

Kira moved to Calpheon three years ago to train at Holy College. You may have heard she uses her feminine charm to get discounts from vendors, but she’s not like that. She trades with Grandus for discounts, and may have gone dancing with him once or twice.

Kira is rumored to have an intimate acquaintance with Jordine Ducas, but of course there’s no substance to that. Melissa Brady particularly makes her dislike for Kira known. Jarette is above those rumours; peasant dissenters would try to discredit the Grand Chamberlain of Heidel by making up stories associating him with a Calpheonian socialite.

Sela_DM (Sorceress; Sailor)

Real name: Sela Imbrien
Age: 20
Zodiac: Key – Focused, thirst for knowledge, relaxed, determined.
Voice: dramatic mezzo-soprano
Rappelz status: Chaos Mage on Reviac

Loath to marry to secure an alliance and spend her life hosting delegates, Sela ran away from home at 14. Demons attacked the city the night she left, so for years she was presumed dead.

Sela has more raw magic power than anyone else in her family. She had the potential to become a great healer, but instead chose to study destructive dark magic. 

She’s done time in the Abyss, where the demigods imprison people who defy them. Some  are never released; it’s up to the demigods’ whims. As she’s here now, she’s one of the lucky ones.

Sela and Kira used to do everything together. Now Sela no longer speaks to her elder sister, and has little contact with the rest of the family.

Kukolka (Witch; Gatherer, Processor)

Real name: Tessa Imbrien
Age: 16
Zodiac: Camel – Perseverance and patience, gentle, talented.
Voice: light lyric soprano
Rappelz status: Kukolka, Oracle on Reviac

Tessa is a quiet observer until she gets to know someone. She grew up sheltered due to weak joints and frequent illness. Blessing of Vitality inhibits her joints from dislocating as easily as they would without it. She’s fortunate to have innate magic ability, otherwise she would need a cleric companion throughout life.

Tessa has occasional Visions of the future. Her father sent her to a convent near Calpheon when these started at age 11 because she would have been put to death for heresy in Haso. The Church leaders in Calpheon see her Visions as a gift from Elion.

Her duties to the Church include calligraphing scrolls for enchantment and leading undead to their final rest. She enjoys drawing and sewing, but chronic finger and wrist pain keeps her from doing detailed work as often as she’d like. Tessa suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia, which she considers more of an impact than the chronic pain. Left to herself, she would happily stay in town always. But High Priest Largal pushes her to step outside her comfort zone. And she can’t say no to him because he presents such good reasons that involve helping those in need.

Kosmin (Musa; Gatherer, Trader)

Real name: Cosmin Imbrien
Age: 55
Zodiac: Treant Owl – Simple, genuine, knowledgeable, a genius or an idiot.
Voice: character bass
Rappelz status: ProfessorImbrien, Breeder on Reviac
Relation: Father of Kira, Sela, and Tessa

Professor Imbrien can converse for hours about his chosen field, Magical Physiology, but is socially awkward otherwise. Neither he nor his wife had been outside Haso until this year. He was granted sabbatical and they travelled to visit their daughters in Calpheon. While here he’s studying various magical creatures unknown in Haso. He also took the opportunity to bring some goods to trade, and despite his eccentricities he’s been quite successful.

Lady_Astriid (Ranger)

Name: Astriid Imbrien
Age: 43
Zodiac: Giant – Dreamer, ambitious, swift, an observer.
Voice: contralto
Rappelz status: None
Relation: Wife of Cosmin; mother of Kira, Sela, and Tessa

Lady Astriid is an accomplished hostess. Much of her time is spent in service and entertaining officials and their wives. In her free time she enjoys painting and gardening. She wants the best for her daughters: men of means and status for them to marry, and lives similar to her own.

Those below are under family name Imbrien in BDO as they’re on the same account, but they do not share the same surname in the story.

Enevya (Dark Knight)

Name: Enevya Moon
Zodiac: Hammer – Brave, conservative, righteous, collaborative, hot-blooded.
Voice: dramatic mezzo-soprano
Rappelz status: Cleric intended to go Bishop on Pantera (PVP server); deleted when Tortus and Pantera servers merged into Undine.
Relation: Younger sister of Cosmin’s mother, Phanna

The girls got an early start on learning magic from Great-Aunt Evy’s grimoire. They loved when she visited and regaled them with stories from her adventuring days. Kira and Sela planned to follow in her footsteps, become bishops and adventure together.

Sela felt a special bond with Great-Aunt Evy: the wild one, the black sheep, never married, went off on her own to do great things. Enevya set the precedent that led Sela to believe in other options than the narrow life path of a proper lady.

Ric_Cheval (Striker; Epheria quester)

Name: Seanric Cheval
Age: 23
Zodiac: Treant Owl – Simple, genuine, knowledgeable, a genius or an idiot.
Voice: cavalier baritone
Rappelz status: None
Relation: Ric was the stable boy at the Imbrien family manor, and a playmate of Kira and Sela. Apparently he still works for Cosmin, and has been helping with trade.

Cmdr_Alphonse (Warrior; Fisher)

Name: Alphonse Durand
Age: 26
Zodiac: Elephant – Honorable, faithful, obtuse, dedicated, trusted.
Voice: character baritone
Rappelz status: Commander Alphonse is an NPC on the Veiled Island, appropriated into my story.
Relation: Alphonse was a soldier who taught Kira the fighting style of the Holy Warrior. He’s moved up in the military, and has command of an outpost near Grána. In his downtime he enjoys fishing.

Those in this section are from the Continent.

HighPriestLargal (Wizard)

Age: 31
Zodiac: Hammer – Brave, conservative, righteous, collaborative, hot-blooded.
Voice: dramatic tenor
Rappelz status: The other NPC appropriated into my story. High Priest Largal stands in the temple in Rakesh and gives quests. He’s a favourite in other players’ fanfics so I included him too. :p
Relation: Largal has instructed Tessa to report to him immediately any Visions she experiences, so he can properly interpret them to benefit Elion’s people.

Yinavra (Tamer)

Age: 16
Zodiac: Boat – Enjoys art, optimistic, free, a wanderer.
Voice: soubrette
Rappelz status: Yinavra, Soul Breeder
Relation: Yina and Tessa started to become friends until mean girls interfered, causing Yina to think Tessa had stolen from her.

Yina attended cleric school at her family’s insistence, but didn’t want to become a cleric. She left to become a pet trainer before Corrupted Angels attacked the convent and school.

Pellindomine (Mystic)

Age: 16
Zodiac: Black Dragon – Wealth and fame, noble, delicate, sensitive, sociable.
Voice: lyric mezzo-soprano
Rappelz status: None. Pelli and Yina were two of Tactician Kukolka’s soldiers in Kingdom Heroes.
Relation: Pelli was the queen bee of the popular clique in Tessa’s class at cleric school. She bullied Tessa into helping her clique with schoolwork, and later accepted Tessa as one of their own.

Elewys_Clarke (Witch; potential boss alt)

Age: 17
Zodiac: Wagon – Takes action, born to wealth, precious, selfish.
Voice: light coloratura soprano
Rappelz status: None. Ellie was my FFXIV character — White Mage-Weaver-Arcanist. A character inspired by a blend of Elewys and Tessa appeared in a minor role in a FFXIV friend’s thesis project, the story and concept art for a game.
Relation: Retroactively written into the Rappelz fanfic as a clerical student a year ahead of Tessa.

Ellie is from northwest Calpheon. She has a compromised immune system so considers health, and healing magic, particularly valuable. As a young teen she researched on her own to find a charity to pay for her clerical education. She spends a lot of time reading when too ill to do much else. Ellie is eager to adventure for the knowledge to be gained.


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