I hate rooting hair. I’ll do it, for few characters who need the exact right hair colour, but no more than absolutely necessary. Kat shared the idea to paint doll’s hair with a brush pen; so much faster and easier on my hands than rooting!


The Xinyi Boyfriend doll came with long white hair. (White in normal light. I wouldn’t have known this, but happened to go in the craft room in the dark when I couldn’t sleep, and got startled. “What is that glowing?!” Yes, his hair glows in the dark.)


The hair at his temples is left white on purpose.


I wasn’t sure I’d remember how to do a faceup but tried anyway without planning. o_o Eyes are a little lopsided; oh well, nobody’s perfect. ^o^


The first eyebrows didn’t look right so I wiped them with water and toothpick and started them lower.


Here is Cosmin Imbrien with the reference picture from Black Desert Online. In the game he’s named Kosmin because ‘Cosmin’ was already taken. BDO uses one family name for all characters on an account. That worked well for my characters from Rappelz who are already family.


Cosmin is a professor of magical physiology, and the father of Kira, Sela, and Tessa. He was in the backstory, but not planned to appear in the present-day photostory. Now that he’s embodied in doll form, he’ll be written in somewhere.



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