It’s the little things

Since I got into customizing I’ve been focused on acquiring figures, clothes, and furniture. But when I look at others’ doll photos, I enjoy seeing the little things that make the scene. So over the past year I’ve been adding to my collection some little things.

Last April(!) I posted about a plan to do some paper crafts. The plan was for lipstick cases, inspired by the What’s In Your Doll’s Bag? group on Flickr. I threw out a few in progress that weren’t going anywhere good, gave two to friends, and kept one. To make these, bend the cardboard before craft gluing the printed paper to it so the paper doesn’t crack.

The mirror is mirrored scrapbook paper.

In theory I’d like to have a few more, in different designs for different characters, but in reality once I make a thing I lack the motivation to make duplicates. >_<

The lipstick that came with The Look Pool Chic just fits!

So many little things! 2017 was my year of Re-Ment. I can safely say I’ll never again more than double my Re-Ment collection in one year!
A Pantry Shelf
These pieces are from sets:
Korea Tour #9 – Gochujang Noodles
Korea Tour #10 – Souvenirs
International Supermarket 06 – Korean
Asian Market #3 – Thai and Vietnamese Groceries
Grandma’s European Kitchen 08 – Kouglof
Is Dinner Ready? #7 – Pizza Toast

The homemade Pepero boxes were scanned from 1:1 and assembled with Scotch tape.
1:6 scale Pepero boxes

Flat printables should be easy, right? Measure, photograph or scan, reduce the size to 1/6 the original, and print. But I have a mental block about not printing until I’ve filled a whole page with images. :-/  Last summer I printed some posters and reference sheets for geeky dolls. (Yes I am far behind on posting!)

My vices are devices.jpg
“My vices are devices” for Themed Thursday at Figurvore.
New Year’s Eve 2017-2018

Kira and Sela got eyemasks so they can sleep in the daytime.


One came in handy for the Initiation scene.


These 4 cm and 6 cm stuffies are from AliExpress, advertised as for Bouquet Wedding Gifts.


The matryoshka is from DollladyUkraine on Etsy. They’re sold unpainted in a set of 10, where the largest is 5 cm tall. I wanted a set of seven so didn’t paint the smallest and the two largest. The smallest is so tiny I’d probably lose it so it stays inside the second smallest always.

mini matryoshka for 1/6 scale doll

In my little world Tessa makes art, so she painted these. From largest to smallest they represent grandmother, nurse, mother, Kira, Sela, Tessa, and a water pixie.

1/6 scale matryoshka

I drew an armours theme on paper too before deciding on family theme (which I did not plan on paper before drawing on the dolls), so may get another mini set sometime.

Thank you for reading!~


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