Doll meet at the park

Time has flown! Since my last post, I had the opportunity to meet another online doll friend in real life. Kat of kat’s doll world has some photostories in progress including Strike 5 which follows a League of Legends pro gaming team and Malyj Imperatorskyj Teatr about a modern theatre company in Moscow.

Kat brought Melody and Pepper to the doll meet. They travel light but well prepared.


I brought…an eclectic group, from several worlds, who don’t all know each other. So that explains why they were kind of awkward, all sitting apart. (*/_\) Going forward I should bring to doll meets characters who are already comfortable with each other.


Oh, a giant acorn!


Pepper took pictures of everyone.


Kat started the Themed Thursdays on Figurvore. It was her theme “Boom!!! Headshot!” that prompted me to look up the manual for my camera and figure out how to get better close-ups (macro mode and super macro mode).


Maybe some of these shots of Kira in her Rank 1 adventurer gear can be used in my main story.

Kira hiking

I don’t take doll photos outside very often (to be honest, I don’t take doll pics often at all, hence the lack of content on this site). Outdoor scenes can easily look in scale. Bonus: no need to spend time creating a diorama.


A good time was had by all.  ^o^


Next time there won’t be so long between posts. I have been making a few things, and will post some school uniforms later this week. ㅇㅅㅇ


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