Doll friends, new dolls, and new jewelry

Recently I met two online doll friends in real life!

Syd Blackburn wrote some of my favourite photostories: The Salonice Chronicles and Still Waters. Syd writes adventure and romance and designs book covers for other writers.

My Kira and Syd’s Syd doll did a Valentine swap a couple of years ago. Our dolls weren’t able to meet this time, but Kira, who is currently unattached, hopes to meet 1:6 Syd next time. :}

Valentines from Syd to Kira

Erica/Corsetkitten is a talented doll artist whose character profiles influenced me to consider 1:6 scale when I was first looking at 1:3 or 1:4 scale BJDs to shell two MMORPG characters.

I bought First Blush Ayumi from Erica. I love that Erica dressed Ayumi in this pink sweaterdress–it fits the ingenuous image I have of her character much better than the red dress in which she came originally.

The day before my husband and I left for our trip, Believe the Hype Tate Tanaka arrived while I was working from home–yay! I’d worried he would arrive while we were away. Between physical therapy and packing I didn’t get a chance to debox him until after we returned. After putting his earrings in, I think I prefer him without them. (d’oh!) Or maybe I’ll find smaller ones for him.

Tate Tanaka and Ayumi Nakamura dolls

Tessa and Kira came along on the trip; Kira climbed a reading lamp in the hotel. >_<

One doll looking up at another doll who is sitting on a gooseneck reading light

Erica also gave me a Generation Girl Mari head with her hair loose. The MtM Barbie Pink Top body isn’t an exact match, but close enough. Now Mariko can do her hair in different styles and still keep her perfect braids for other scenes.


These necklaces and and ring (squeee, so tiny!) are Corsetkitten’s work from Other than what came with some IT Hommes, they’re my first realistic doll jewelry, and I’m very pleased with the purchase.

CK Workshop jewelry

Alisha also came home with me. (^o^) Alisha Grant is a student in The Quinlan Chronicles, currently taking a semester at another school. She’s an Obitsu coconut figure, with hair rooted and face painted by Corsetkitten.

Closeup of doll with a black afro hairstyle, light brown skin, and golden eyes with long eyelashes. Her lips are closed in a neutral expression.

Alisha seems to be settling in well here. Yesterday the weather was hot and humid so she went out for cold drinks with new friends.

Three dolls seated, dressed in capris, yoga pants, shorts, and sleeveless tops. Each is holding a clear plastic cup of bubble tea or frozen drink.

My shoulder is healing slowly. PT, the home exercises, and other stuff (tree limb across driveway; flooding in basement) have been using up most of my spoons. =.=  But I did sew some buttons on pants and a duvet cover, so I’m hopeful about getting back to sewing for fun soon.  •ㅅ•


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